Saturday, July 13, 2013


I'm already 18 years old ! new university new friends , and I'm starting to start something new ! i do really have to change i mean literally speaking i need to change and here are the list of things that i need to change .
  1. My weight , Since 1st year college my social life and love life starts to fall because of my weight . well i hate to say this but I'm FAT and i really really HATE IT ! 
  2. My habits , EATING HABITS . like eating a lot ! it's like every meal i like to eat a lot . i guess being lazy makes me hungry :p 
  3. My face , haha well I'm not pretty so i need to loose weight to be pretty  :3
  4. My attitude , I'm not really that bad actually I'm the nicest person you've ever meet . and i don't know what's my attitude ? i don't know the exact words to define my attitude my personality .
  5. MY DAY DREAMING HABIT . It's okay to dream though but sometimes idk ? i guess it is because I'm too fond of day dreaming sometimes i intend to forgot that all the things that I'm day dreaming is impossible , sometimes i forget the reality that it's never gonna happen girl .
Starting tomorrow , i will control myself to eat a lot ! i will just follow this quote that I've read   "eat breakfast like a king,lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar" i will really really start doing that and drink a lot of water before eating ;)and i will always start to think POSITIVE ! I will live with the 3 E's ENERGY , ENTHUSIASM AND EMPATHY . I don know what the last 2 last words means haha ! then i will brush my teeth every morning and before to sleep , wash my face clean it every morning and every night i will start putting whitening cream on my face and neck , take a bath everyday for 2 times , shave my under arm haha ! exercise i f i have time well i will try to have time for exercising i need to be skinny for me to wear clothes that I'm craving for since 1st year college for me to wear a bikini every summer and for me to have a super duper hot boyfriend , a basketball player , taller than me , nice teeth, handsome of course , incredibly rich , smart ,will love me truly love me , respect me and love me haha xD will care for me fight for me and and will accept me for what i am and who i am . but i think there's no perfect guy for me they said "PERFECT GUYS ONLY EXIST IN YOUR DREAMS IN YOUR IMAGINATION" wew i guess i need to wake up ! and accept the fact that my there's no magic . . . . i guess i really should stop day dreaming sometimes it hurts knowing that all the hopes and dreams that you wish will never gonna happen .i guess i have to start something new ? but what should it be ?